In this engineering project, our task was to develop the HVAC design for the architect.  He provided the residential design and we
supplied the HVAC details.  We analyzed the three-story home for heat transfer losses (heating and cooling) to ASHRAE standards.  
We sized the heating and air conditioning units for each floor and selected units from vendor literature.  Each room was allocated its
suggested portion of the air flow/ventilation.  We sized the duct work for each floor, applying appropriate duct reductions to match flow
branches.  The size and part numbers of returns, diffusers, and registers were all determined.  The drawing  above shows our
information applied as the mechanical layer (red details)  to the architect's design.  The drawing below shows some of the information
necessary for the architect to obtain local board approval for his HVAC design.  This drawing shows the allocation of energy to the
various rooms.
HVAC Design
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